. ORG never registered before released 94 single and double character domain names

And real estate, Internet appearance charm "said this is the Internet address. A good Internet addresses can help optimize a business or organization online branding or promotional work. Nonprofit operators ORG domain name Public Interest Registry (PIR) today released the odd and even characters never registered before 94. ORG address, which is the history of the shortest, may also be the easiest to remember domain name. The. ORG is one of the original generic top-level domain name, with over 10 million registered. Partnership with Go Daddy and eNom, these addresses has been allocated will be sold to those who value the ORG brand trust and value inherent in businesses and organizations.

Related to the domain name has been registered by "Mo Yan a promise" gave birth to a number of economic hot

According yumingxue.com Mo Yan "promise" yesterday directly detonated Media shares "collective freak" Mo Yan's future worth not only 7.5 million Nobel Prize "backing" the more astronomical Royalty and works adapted fees accounted for. Even more interesting is that the domain name has been registered by the number of Mo Yan related. Mo Yan name, is the birth of a number of economic hot spots.


Lenovo arbitration win the domain name OnlineLenovo.com

The the yumingxue.com news, on July 24 this year, Lenovo (Lenovo) to the Asian Domain Name Dispute Resolution Center submitted an application for arbitration of the disputed domain name OnlineLenovo.com now the case has been hearing is completed. The arbitration results has recently been published in favor of the plaintiff Lenovo, now that the domain name has been transferred to the Lenovo name.


Endurance Group's acquisition of Intuit domain name aftermarket partner selected Afternic

According to foreign media reports, recently, Endurance International Group Co., Ltd. to buy Intuit company website business and select Afternic.com as its exclusive sales partners.

CNNIC reached with Tencent the strategic cooperation QQ space link CN domain name

Tencent and China Internet Network Center (CNNIC) in Beijing reached a strategic cooperation, and our users to build a personal life online platform. This platform for the entrance of the CN domain, Tencent users personal space to point, and link to a personalized domain mail. CN domain application to provide a more personalized service for users, users only need to enter "user QQ number CN" direct access to space, and can also receive a personalized mailbox as the main domain name. Tencent will this cooperation image called "QQ catch a CN wings."


The Voice of China

荷兰之声《The Voice of Holland》

英国之声《The Voice》
美国之声《The Voice(U.S.)》

爱尔兰之声《The Voice of Ireland》

Apple snatch Jobs domain name Steve.Jobs

According to foreign media reports, Apple recently filed claims, and eventually get a the Jobs domain name Steve.Jobs legitimate rights.

The domain expires parking, domain name registration, you dare to use it?

Today's news is a very interesting, a very famous online games the station 52pk.com domain name expired domain is where domain name registrars parked (listed domain name pointing to advertising page click on the domain to obtain benefits, relying on visitors way to make money).

Christmas shopping network enabled Christmas.com festivals domain name favored

It is reported, LeftOfTheDot.com Christmas.com cooperation, and success to create a brand new Christmas shopping site Christmas.com Christmas.com.

Domain name experts larry creation of the the "tea Kingdom" Enable tea domain name

According to foreign media reports, the domain name experts Rally (Larry Fischer) and its partner, Bill (Bill McClure) launched HerbalTea.com website recently, is bound to create a tea Kingdom. Earlier, the two had cooperation enabled the domain name Coffee.Org introduced coffee distribution company.



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