Network uplifting information domain is worth $ 600,000 sold

According to foreign media reports, the domain name overseas trading platform for $ 600,000 sold, equivalent to 3,781,260 yuan.

The Web version of the official website of the micro-channel enabled eu non-mainstream domain name

According to the official web version reported micro-channel enabled the EU countries and the top-level domain, Home has been on the line.

Main mailbox
Alternate mailboxes


Lexi-Comp pharmacy database

Introduction to the database:
Lexi-Comp Online the Clinical Pharmacy online resources

Four methods to improve vision

, An instant method

Choose a quiet place, sitting or standing, the body relax, remove distractions, opened his second head, head and neck does not move, turn the eye alone. Just below the first eye gaze, slowly go to the left, and then transferred to gaze just above and to the right, and finally back to gaze directly below, so that the first 9 laps clockwise. Let the eyes gaze below, go to the right, to the top, to the left, and then back to the bottom, so 6 laps, then turn counterclockwise. A total of 4 times. Each rotation, the eye should be possible to reach the limit. This instant method can muscle exercises, improve nutrition, so flexible eye and bright.

The definition given by the international health membership organization HIMSS, mHealth, to provide medical services and information through the use of mobile communication technology - such as PDAs, mobile phones, and satellite communications. Health services in developing countries, it provides an effective way to solve the medical problems of developing countries, in the case of a shortage of health human resources, through mobile medical


The TRAFFIC second round auction began the domain name sell $ 60,000

According to foreign media reports, the second round of international domain name industry front will TRAFFIC auction has begun the third round of the auction will start on Wednesday in the first round of the auction, the domain name successful transactions of $ 60,000, about370,000 yuan. In addition, machine domain name sell the $ 1,400.

The ICANN "test version on-line enabled domain name

According to foreign media reports, ICANN recently enabled org domain name to Online is a test version of the site.



The western aviation westair domain name enabled airlines prefer air domain name

Recently, the West Airlines officially launched new domain, its official website home page corresponding content, the domain is much shorter than the domain before its, more appropriate.



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